A problem with the roof can lead to extensive damage inside your home. When you spot roof damage, it’s easy to assume you’ll need a new one installed. However, professional roof repair in Haymarket, VA is a realistic and comparatively affordable solution for many homeowners. It is also an excellent — and usually more effective — alternative to DIY replacement efforts. These five questions can help you decide if your home is a good candidate for roof repairs.

1. How Old Is Your Roof?

Every roof has a life expectancy. Once that time is up, continued repairs may be a waste of money. However, you can reasonably expect a newer roof to provide years of service after a professional repair roof shingles can be expected to last between 15 and 30 years. That’s a pretty wide gap, so it’s a good idea to have your roof inspected by a professional who can give you a better estimate.

Cedar shakes are an attractive and durable roof material that often lasts 20 to 30 years. However, they do require regular maintenance for optimum performance. Other roofing materials, like metal and clay tiles can easily last 50 years or more.

2. What Caused the Damage?

When considering roof repair vs roof replacements in Haymarket, homeowners should look at the damage’s cause. For example, neglect of a cedar roof may indicate a larger problem hidden underneath the surface, whereas losing a few shingles in severe weather is an isolated incident.

3. How Extensive Is the Damage?

Minor issues with a roof can often be repaired. However, it is difficult to tell a lot about roof problems from the ground. Sometimes, what appears to be a major problem is just a few shingles that have come loose. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true, and what you think is a minor issue is actually much worse.

Johnson Roofing Co is a full-service roofing company serving all of northern Virginia. When you call us, our contractors will inspect your whole roof — not just the area of obvious damage. This can uncover the extent of any damage and whether a roof repair in Haymarket, VA is a viable option.

4. What Does Your Budget Allow?

A budget should not be the only consideration when deciding whether to repair or replace your roof, but the cost is something you should think about. Some homeowners try to DIY a new roof in situations like this to save money. Unfortunately, this approach can backfire in a big way if you are unsure exactly what supplies are needed or make a mistake during the project.

If a new roof is out of financial reach, a repair may give you a temporary reprieve — and a chance to save for eventual replacement.

Professional Roof Repair in Haymarket, VA

Ignoring problems with your roof can lead to extensive damage and a costly replacement. However, many issues can be fixed with professional roof repair. Our contractors at Johnson Roofing Co can help you determine the extent of any damage and the best plan to address it. Contact us today at 703-753-3220 for a free estimate.

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