Residential Siding in Aldie, VA

Siding is durable and comes in a variety of colors, making it an excellent option for the exterior of any home in the Aldie, VA area. Johnson Roofing Co Inc. is the area’s siding expert. We handle everything from new installations to repairing and replacing your existing siding. Our professional exterior maintenance team is ready to help. You can rest assured, as each of our technicians has the training and carry all the licensing and certifications required to perform the work associated with siding repairs, installations, and replacements.

Siding Installations

Siding is an excellent alternative to brick, stucco, and wood because it is durable, weather-resistant, and comes in a wide range of color and textures. Siding is also incredibly affordable and is perfect for new construction. At Johnson Roofing Co Inc., our experts will review your options with you, explain the scope of your job, and answer any questions you have. We will also provide a quote for your new siding installation.


New siding installs may have more up-front costs, but the long-term cost efficiency is worth it. We install high-quality siding that is affordable, durable, and requires very little upkeep. Low maintenance is what keeps the long-term costs down too.


Siding is constructed to withstand the elements, general wear and tear, and age. We use siding that is resistant to rot, water, the sun, pests and insects, and more. Siding requires minimal maintenance to ensure it lasts for the lifetime of your home.


The versatility of siding makes it suitable for many homes and fits several architectural styles. Siding comes in an array of colors, textures, and widths, all of which are designed to enhance the look of your home.


The eco-friendly siding that Johnson Roofing Co Inc. installs will cut down on your energy bills. Siding has an R-value, which measures its energy efficiency. A higher R-value with the siding used means better thermal insulation for your home. Our siding is manufactured in an eco-friendly process.

Siding Repairs & Replacement

Siding is designed to last a lifetime. However, anything can happen to cause damage. In Aldie, anything from weather-related issues to home maintenance can happen to make siding repair work necessary. Johnson Roofing Co Inc. will repair and replace the damaged siding on your home. Damage from cars or service vehicles is not an uncommon problem. Our team can take care of any issues you encounter with your siding.

If the siding on your home cracks or sections is missing, your home is exposed to further problems like mold and pests. These problems along with weather can cause your residence to be subjected to long-term, expensive damage, which escalates repair costs beyond simple siding fixes. Johnson Roofing Co Inc. can replace sections of siding, taking care of those issues quickly.

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Johnson Roofing Co Inc. utilizes the highest quality siding and siding related products available in the market. Our partnership with name brand siding companies allows us to provide our clients with great siding for their home, installed by professionals, all at an affordable price. When you are ready for a quote on home siding installations, repairs, or replacements, call Johnson Roofing Co Inc. in Aldie, VA. We can be reached at 703-753-3220.

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